Yoga classes at the Glassboro Yoga

Slow Flow

A nurturing all levels vinyasa practice where movement and restorative poses are weaved together. You will still get a flow, but also a bit more R&R. This class is good for beginners, a more mature age, and postpartum.

All Levels Vinyasa

This class starts and ends with relaxing poses, with an energetic sequence in the middle along with options to try some balancing poses! This class will improve strength, stamina, and flexibility while having fun in the flow.

Yin Yoga

Surrender with a quieter, more passive practice of holding floor postures for 3 - 5 minutes while relaxing your muscles and opening up the connective tissue. A great balance to a more active practice. Enjoy deep stretching in this meditative Yin practice. No experience necessary. Excellent to encourage a great night sleep!

Mixed Levels Vinyasa

Move through a meditation in motion to strengthen and challenge your body while maintaining focus and control of your mind. This is a creative vinyasa flow with a new, original sequence every week that will keep your attention in the moment. Beginner's Welcome.

Rise and Shine

This practice offers detailed cues to guide your body to wake organically by encouraging more effective communication with your own body. Combining breath with movement, the class helps you gain strength, flexibility and awareness. Suitable for new students and the advanced yogi.

Gentle Yoga

"Stretch, breathe, relax." Unwind after a hectic week as this class invites you to slow things down a bit and decompress. Suitable for all those type-a's who would love to release some tension and recover a sense of relaxation. Beginner's Welcome!

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