Mission/Vision of Glassboro Yoga

Empowering individuals to reach their potential and defy limitations through offering wellness and educational classes to the community.

Creating empathetic spaces for healing and expression that encourage the community to look inward, caring For our hearts and minds. We strive to cultivate an inviting, warm space for members to feel safe as they being their journey towards self discovery and healing. We understand people are dynamic, and encourage them to find a path that suits each of their individuals needs.

Philosophy: LEELA
Sanskrit word meaning playful
Love Evolve Empower Liberate Appreciate

Glassboro Yoga Studio offers all level classes with an emphasis on healing, pain relief and stress reduction. Come practice with our community of skilled practitioners who will guide you towards a healthier happier you!

With Americans being more stressed than ever, yoga has the ability to rewrite our neurovascular system and allow us to become more resilient to stress. Stress can be just as harmful and toxic to the body as unhealthy food/drink habits and sedentary lifestyles. This studio will offer the Glassboro community a place to relax and unwind in their otherwise fast-paced worlds.

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